Our Olive Oil

The cycle of olive harvesting is between October and December. During this time you can enjoy moments of pleasure and relaxation in the beautiful Chalkidiki where sea and mountain are the perfect combination.

Here you can experience in person the experience of the production of extra virgin olive oil, a precious fruit of our land, taking part in all stages of the work from harvesting to milling to bottling.

An experience in nature with the beautiful setting of the mountains and the sea, in a familiar and authentic setting with Nikos, Voula and their children Stella and Cristoforos and Dimitra.

  It is possible to buy oil and other bio specialties directly on site.


Extra virgin olive oil “eleven” in addition, has a rich flavor, it has precious sensory and organoleptic characteristics and an excellent aroma thanks to its intrinsic characteristics. Olive Oil Enteka has a brilliant golden color and a special olive flavor. This is also because cold precipitation is carried out on the same day of collection.








“Enteka Green Oil” is the highest quality of olive oil, richer in its nutritional and biological properties than in other olive oils. This type of oil is produced from the first acorn of our harvest.
A taste will surely convince you!

 Yperic Enteka oil or St. John’s herb
Many of the properties and benefits of the Orientee or the one that is also known as St. John’s Wort, a natural remedy useful in different situations. The flowers harvested from this plant are then used to produce a hyperpolar oleolite.
We do it with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
It was the famous remedy of the ancient Spartans and also used by Hippocrates to treat its patients.